Saturday, 14 September 2013

Friday the 13th September 2013

Friday the 13th September,2013
Yesterday I was glued to TV. Nothing unusual. The age is such that TV
has been the only one left to cater our visual fantasies ( As if we are  
now capable of indulging in physical fantasies ? Ah !) Luckily yesterday
TV was dishing out fare which brought a great change in my viewing
parameters. First was anointation of Modi as PM candidate. Second
was the death sentences pronounced for four accused in Nirbhaya  
rape case( 16 Dec 12) and the third was players like Srisanth and Ankit
Chouhan getting banned for life for match fixing. The day brought
mixed feeling like the first night of the marriage.
My wife came with kahwa which she deliberately brought close to my
eyes. ‘I am due for my cataract operation’ probably she is of that
opinion which I totally discard time and again when I describe her
fading beauty without my spectacles. However a wife is always entitled
to her opinion once she becomes an old lioness.  May be she knows the
best but I was feeling like Advani JI let down by my own yesterday
when she reminded me once again to wear my specs . She asked me
what was happening pointing towards TV and I, like a student, started
reeling out various ramifications of actions taken by BJP, the Judge of
the day and BCCI. She was not interested till she pointed out that the
day happened to be the 13th day of the Month  of September and that
too FRIDAY. OH God. Did not Last Supper of Jesus Chirist consist of13
people the 13th being Judas. Was’nt Christ crucified on Friday? Don’t
people like to avoid this day to close deals, travel or doing something
important. Then how dare BJP anoint Modi on this day? How could the
Judge and BCCI pronounce the judgment on this day ? I asked my wife.
She thought for few minutes gauging my intelligence with penetrating
eyes like a surgeon and calmly said. “ don’t you understand simple
maths? Two negatives when multiplied make one positive but one
negative x  by one positive is always negative. Isn’t it ? I could not
understand whether I should appreciate my wife’s intrusion like
Pakistani or Chinese soldiers into calculations most or the khawa which
provides me the energy to think straight. I avoided being considered a
fool so I nodded my head making her happy. One mantra which I had
learnt to live peacefully is that always keep your spouse happy after 50
under any circumstances lest she switches her loyalty towards her
son/s or daughter/s like members of a political party do. Age may not
withstand this betrayal the same way as good old Lal Bahadur Shashtri
could not digest Russian Betrayal.  OK now the 13 day with Friday to
crown. Going by my wife’s analogy will the day spell doom for Modi ?
Will it bring relief to all accused ? Day is considered inauspicious so with
that analogy a positive development on an inauspicious day will make
Modi’s future prospects bleak. On the other hand it may benefit all
accused as negative judgment on a negative day may result in
something positive like reduction in sentences in future. Who knows ?
Only the silver lining in whole episode is that as per the hindu calendar
the 13th September, 2013 Friday falls during the auspicious celebrations
of Ganesh chaturthi. This may be saving grace reducing considerably
the negative effects of the day duly regarded inauspicious by certain
sections of the society and countries.
“Let us hope and pray for the best for the country instead of dwelling
on the auspiciousness of the day.” My wife advised making it clear that
she would like to have last word as always and I was left wondering
who started the discussion !!!-------------by Tribhawan Kaul/14-09-2913


  1. looks you are getting ready for some stream of consciousness narrative...i like this kind of writing that lets the reader experience the same feeling of the writer while visualizing it in the word-setting and imagery...Good !!!


  2. Yes Shahzia, you are write. You may find some more interesting articles/stories soon besides the poems.. Thanks for venturing into my new field. Stay blessed.